There is a time for everything

Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Richard Strauss eternalized within their Rosenkavalier apt quotations for almost any and every circumstance. It is self-evident to avail oneself of these, especially when needing to say good-bye to the artists’ world. After 30 years as an artists’ manager (23 of these self-employed) it is time for me to leave this profession behind me. I undergo this change to retirement with a mixture of happiness and sadness.

Most of all I will miss my office-partner Laurent; the regular information exchange with him since more than 10 years has generated an occupational, however also supremely human constant value for me. Following the motto which we had set for ourselves, I can say, classical music remains our world and Laurent will, of course, carry on as an artists’ manager. I wish him for his professional as for his personal future all the very best.

Throughout the many years of profession I managed to work for numerous artists, for some as their general-manager, for others on a project-related basis. The memory of outstanding performances, of perfectly happy as well as distressing moments continues to have an effect on me and will persist. I would like to thank all artists who had confidence in me and who cherished my career counselling. I wish them luck and success for all their projects especially in such difficult time, however also health and contentedness, of course.

With kind regards
Franz Hainzl