May-tunes at the Golden Hall

The Vienna Musikverein does not only at New Year prove to be the perfect performance-venue for the precious works by the Strauß-brothers! The Vienna Johann Strauß Orchestra has its own appointed days within every year’s concert schedule including a spring-concert at the Golden Hall of the Musikverein to which the orchestra under the masterly conducting of Alfred Eschwé is inviting on May 1st 2019 in a matinee-concert at 11 a.m.

The Vienna Johann Strauß Orchestra strongly emphasizes a genuine performance by referring to the instrumentation as having been mandatory at the time when this music was written. The first half of the programme is dedicated to the soulful oeuvre by Josef Strauß and after the intermission exclusively music by the waltz-king Johann Strauß II will be played. It does perhaps not need to be explicitly said that the all-round maestro Alfred Eschwé is, of course, the ideal authority at the conductor’s stand within this musical genre.

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