Exciting end-of-season in Gelsenkirchen

At the end of a fully packed season, Margot Genet is back to the Gelsenkirchen Musiktheater taking part in a production consisting of two one-act operas: Das Wundertheater by Hans Werner Henze and Wachsfigurenkabinett by Karl Amadeus Hartmann. Das Wundertheater, Henze’s first opera (in the 1948 original version written as an „opera for actors“, revised for singers in 1965), is based on The Altarpiece of the Wonders, an intermezzo within Cervantes’ Don Quixote). Hartmann’s Wachsfigurenkabinett (Waxworks) remained unfinished in 1928. Being very familiar with Hartmann’s music, Henze pursued the completion of the piece together with composer-colleagues Wilfried Hiller and Günter Bialas committed not to change a single of Hartmann’s notes. Right after this interesting project Margot will happily join the Atelier Lyrique of the Verbier Festival Academy!