Waltz and galop go Far East

The start of the New Year is high season for the music of the Strauß-family generally and for Die Fledermaus (The bat) particularly. The peak of the middle-Eurpean entertainment theatre is being performed far beyond the limits of Europe. When the New National Theatre in Tokyo decided to perform the operetta, it secured the participation of recognized professionals from the banks of the river Danube. Alexandra Reinprecht (Rosalinda), Adrian Eröd (Eisenstein), Klemens Sander (Falke) and Boris Eder (Frosch) are regarded as experts within this genre. Last but not least, Alfred Eschwé provides his enormous élan and knowledgeable interpretation from the conductor’s podium. Could he grow weary of Strauß’ waltzes, polkas and galops one day? Surely not! The king of Waltz’s music is an everlasting fountain of youth for him.

Performance dates of the new Tokyo-Fledermaus:  January 29th, February 1st*, 4th*, 6th  and 8th*,  2015 (*afternoon performances at 2 pm). Link

Alfred Eschwé‘s audio-clips on our webpage also include music by Strauß, Millöcker and Suppé: Link