Standing ovation at the Lausanne Opera

Although Arie van Beek devotes most of his time to the symphonic repertoire, he shines no less brightly in the operatic repertoire!

Here are a few press extracts from the production of Jacques Offenbach's Orphée aux Enfers that he has just conducted at the Opéra de Lausanne (staging: Olivier Py):

„Under the baton of Arie van Beek, the Sinfonietta de Lausanne, very precise and colourful, brings out the piquancy of the verve and irony of the orchestration.” (Forumopera, link)

„Arie van Beck conducts a finely coloured Sinfonietta de Lausanne with great gusto.” (Diapason, link)

„In the pit, the Sinfonietta de Lausanne sparkles under the baton of Arie van Beek.” (Crescendo Magazine, link)

„Arie van Beek knows how to infuse the Sinfonietta de Lausanne with just the right amount of madness and frenzied rhythms to bring this evening to a successful conclusion.” (Bachtrack, link)

„Arie van Beek, conducting the Sinfonietta de Lausanne, gives a precise, delicate, dynamic and colourful performance.” (ConcertoNet, link)

„At the helm of the Sinfonietta de Lausanne in good shape, Arie van Beek underpins everything with his customary firm baton, helped by the theatre's excellent acoustics. A grand and seductive performance!” (Concert Classique, link)

„Arie van Beek conducts the Sinfonietta de Lausanne with a masterly touch, managing to keep up with the work's hellish tempi. He accompanies the soloists remarkably well. The audience appreciated the performance with thunderous applause and a standing ovation.” (Online Merker, link)

Bravissimo Maestro!