"La Sonnambula" on OperaVision

La sonnambula by Vincenzo Bellini staged by Clarac, Deloeuil > the lab, featuring Lisette Oropesa and John Osborn in the two main roles, recorded live at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma on 9thApril 2024, is available to stream from on Operavision from May 10 to November 10, 2024. Link to the stream

 What the press is saying (extracts):

„ Le Lab's guidelines are fundamentally right namely to eliminate the cloying idyll of the village nestled in the mountains and instead accentuate the brilliant ‘dramma giocoso’ aspects on the one hand and the delicate, melancholic ones typically Bellini's on the other.” (Mauro Mariani, Il giornale della musica, 10.04.2024)

“This choice of staging offers a new dimension to the opera, focusing on a more intimate and psychological interpretation that attempts to create a fascinating visual dialogue.” (Davide Oliviero, GBOpera, 11.04.2024)

“Personally, I was impressed by the intelligence and coherence of this show. From start to finish, it plays on the dimension of dreams and fantasies, adding interest and depth to an extremely thin plot that often feels like it's dragging along. Beyond the superimposition of levels of interpretation and the accumulation of references - I confess to having been moved by echoes of the 1988 production, which I was lucky enough to attend - the story remains that of La sonnambula, but with something nervous and stimulating in its approach, which makes a change from so many languid stagings, saved by high-flying prime donne.” (Richard Martet, Opéra Magazine, May 2024)

“In conclusion, a coherent and well realised stage project, which on the whole works and makes a contribution to the vitality of opera.” (Francesco Arturo Saponaro, musicpaper, 11.04.2024)