Kindness and brilliance

The OperaCharmMagazine's November 2022 issue featured a lovely interview within its focus “Conductors of the future” presenting the young artist Clara Maria Bauer who is meanwhile treading her path under the artistic name Clara Wagsteiner.

Among the questions within that interview: “What are the main skills that a Conductor of the future should possess in your opinion and also, what do you think a young aspiring conductor should know before approaching this path of conducting?”

Clara’s answer: “Being kind. Some people in our industry forget how beautiful it is to make music together, they fight each other and are jealous of the others achievements. Being a musician is about connecting with each other. We can make life easier for our listeners. I think that a conductor of the future has to ask him- or herself, why is this opera or this program relevant for our society today. Music always has meaning and power. I dream of musicians and artistic directors who are open to new programming, to listen to and connect with our audience and to include different styles of music. For young aspiring conductors: Don’t listen too much to advice. Every path is different. All that I can say is: be honest about our profession. Many people only see the glamorous side, the conductor on the podium. Less people talk about preparing scores, travelling around the world, being responsible for many people, open your inner self to the audience when making music. This brings me back to ‘being kind’ to each other. What makes my life much easier is that I always know, that I can talk to other conductors and soloists, whom I trust, because we are not only colleagues but friends.”

We are delighted and proud to welcome to our artists’ management a kind person who is a brilliant musician and conductor, too. With her current artistic name she honours both of her grandmothers Barbara Wagner and Mechtild Gasteiner: Clara Maria Bauer has thus become the conductor Clara Wagsteiner.

Welcome, dear Clara Wagsteiner! To a long and successful cooperation!