Germany Debut

Léo Fernique’s most recent performances - either at the Athénée Théâtre Louis-Jouvet (L’incoronazione di Poppea) or on tour with La Cappella Mediterranea and Leonardo Garcia Alarcon (Amore Siciliano) - did not stay under the radar: "Vocally impressive" confirms Opera Online while Diapason emphasizes his "irresistible stage-presence". Première Loge speaks enthusiastically about "his round and full voice" and Bachtrack certifies he were "deeply moving with the most subtle nuances".

For a happy prelude of the New Year 2023 the Paris-born counter-tenor will be making his Germany debut joining the production of one of the most beloved operas of the 17th century L’Orontea (role of Corindo) by Antonio Cesti at the Aachen Theatre.

Opening night on 5th February 2023.

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