Offenbach at the Opéra de Nice Côte d’Azur

Perrine Madoeuf’s performance as Eurydice in Offenbach’s Orphée aux Enfers a few days ago at the Opéra de Nice Côté d’Azur received critical acclaim. Some press-cuts:

„In the role of Eurydice, Perrine Madoeuf is outstanding, especially in the coloratura-arias, with the asset of a phrasing ideally adapted to the delightful melodies of her role. She is moreover brilliant as an actress delivering wholeheartedly any clownery and acrobatics as requested by the stage director.“ Source: Opera-Online link

„Perrine Madoeuf’s almost omnipresent Eurydice confers the piece her leonine musical input, her velvet timbre and her acting assets. Her vocal reliability in the moments of the coloratura-bursts and her musical sovereignty are spreading a tonal spontaneity throughout the stage: outright, consistent, glibly, forthright and generous. She approaches the note from the top, unfolds an appropriate vibrato for the benefit of the ambient sound, the musical delivery, the vocal substance and the consistency of the vocal line.“ Source: Olyrix link