A great artist is taking soaring flight

One of most intense experiences an opera-audience can make is to be present at a great artist’s discovery on stage. This is exactly what just happened to Alexandra Marcellier at the Saint-Etienne Opera, where her appearance with the title-role of Madame Butterfly turned out as concurrently brilliant and triumphant. Her rendition proved to be strikingly felicitous and earnest as profoundly touching, both vocally as from the acting. The press shares the general enthusiasm too. Forumopera entitles the review with “A splendiferous butterfly’s unfolding”, Olyrix affiliates the same image with the phrase “an opera-butterfly is taking soaring flight”.  Anaclase stresses „Soprano Alexandra Marcellier’s discovery as Cio-Cio-San is both a vocal and acting revelation“.

Olyrix adding: „Along the poignant aria Un bel di vedremo until to the end this butterfly is flying higher and higher on the lyric scale of a concussive intensity“. Link

Anaclase emphasises the revelation to be a double one, vocally and from the acting: „The 29-year-old performer is intriguing as an actress too holding the emotional level especially as from the great aria Un bel di vedremo constantly palpable.“ Link

Last word from Forumopera: „The voice posses a long tessitura, an exquisite middle register, commands of manifold colours and the vocal accents are never exaggerated. The final dialogue with Suzuki confirms we are having a highly auspicious Cio-Cio-San with Alexandra Marcellier“. Link